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Friction by Stavesacre
Friction (1996)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Threshold by Stavesacre

go ahead raise your fist
revel in your mire and filth like a fat little...
pink gets ugly quick
parading your waste oblivious and insolent

why don't I
just put you out
of your misery, out of sympathy
I can only stand it so long

go ahead flash your smile
a season of fattening prime of the canine
and swine-bred children of guile
carry on, carry on
I know who I am
wretched worm my self deserving of
hell I fell onto mercy
despised and denied

watching you torture yourself
and whoever else you can bring down
with you

watching you curse the sky
your stomach must turn inside you
come over to the other side
the past destruction of life
a song took from our souls
a home that is our own
we're all born remembering
but few of us will know
the tip of your tongue
a memory in mind
just outside of you

will you wake to find
the rest you so clearly seek
or painfully realize that it's lost



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