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The River by Allies
The River (1990)
Label: Dayspring

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Carried Away by Allies

Now Jim and Tammy Bakker there's a real earth shaker
Got popped for havin' too much fun
Started actin' kin of funny, spent everybody's money
But he got thirty years for his day in the sun, he got

Carried away, he's an excitable boy
Carried away, there ain't no coppin', no stopping when you're carried away

Now we all shouted reveille when my brother Stevie C.
Said the S word in a magazine
Now he shouldn't had a done it, but they shouldn't had a run it
Cause a little bitty think can cause a great big scene

Carried away, tryin' to speak his mind
Carried away, that boy was right on time
There ain't no coppin', no stoppin' when you're carried away, topper!

Well now you better be believin' when they open up the ceilin'
Baby, somethin'gonna hit the fan
Now brother I ain't lyin', we'll all commence to flyin'
And we'll land, ping ding, in the promise land and get

Carried away, you best believe
Carried away, we'll all commence to leavin'
Cause there ain't no coppin', no stoppin' when you're carried away



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