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Heaven Calling by Halo
Heaven Calling (1991)
Label: Pakaderm

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Climb the Mountain by Halo

You're down in the valley life has dealt a crucial blow
The darkness surrounds you like a blanket on your soul
Time to rise up, stand your ground

1-Climb the Mountain, let your faith cast it aside
Climb the Mountain, let God's strength in you arise
(Climb the Mountain, pull it down)

2-Climb the Mountain, there is no way you can fail
Climb the Mountain, and in Christ you will prevail

You're ready to start the climb, there's hunger in your eyes
God has given you courage to help you scale the utmost heights
Through Christ the battle has been won

Greater is He that is within you
With God there is no mountain you can't climb
It's time to rise up stand your ground

(Chorus 1)

Matthew 17:20
Philippians 3:13-14



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