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Mylon LeFevre - Greatest Hits by Mylon LeFevre
Mylon LeFevre - Greatest Hits (1991)
Label: Word

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Crack The Sky by Mylon LeFevre

Sometimes at night I close my eyes with a wish
Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever been missed
If You came for me
If You came for me
I've never asked You for a whole lot of things
I've never begged You for the riches of kings
But I've one request
And I hold it up to You

Come on and crack the sky for me
Come on and crack the sky and take me home

I know You've got me where You want me to be
I know You've got a plan to use even me
But I long for You
I long for You
So now I'll work until You're ready for me
But I don't know if I can guarantee
That I'll never cry
Never try to get to You




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