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Long Way From Paradise by Allies
Long Way From Paradise (1989)
Label: Dayspring

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Devil Is A Liar by Allies

He's only 16 and playing it cool
Stealing your heart and breaking all the rules
He's going find out he's playing the fool
His time is looking sad to me
He's got that act down cool just like James Dean
One way or another he's going wind up on his knees

The Devil Is A liar
Man you're going get burned
The Devil Is A liar
I think its time that you learned
The Devil Is A liar, liar, liar

She barely 15 and acting 25
Staying out late and attracting desire
She's moving way too fast and flying too high
Like Marylin Monroe and Lois Lane
When she finds out the truth, there's going be hell to pay (yeah baby)
The innocence lost is never regained

(repeat chorus numerous times)

You're playing now with fire
Devil is a liar



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