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You're My Road by Rick Cua
You're My Road (1985)
Label: Sparrow

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Don't Say Suicide by Rick Cua

So you think you've found an answer

A cure for all your ills
A voice cries from the mirror
Point the gun and shoot to kill
The terror of the moment
Is making you decide
You can say yes to life
Or take the one way ride

Don't say suicide
It's your move consider it well
Don't say suicide
The choice is life or the lie that comes from hell
Many others have done it
Found the way to stop the pain
They gave it all to the Lamb of God
And not a trace remained
Jesus pulls no punches
He's laid it on the line
he wants your life for what it's worth
It's like gold to be refined

Decision time approaches
Which way will you choose?
You can say goodbye but that won't be
The last time that you lose



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