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Man With A Mission by Allies
Man With A Mission (1992)
Label: Dayspring

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Feather In Your Cap by Allies

Another feather in your cap
Another jewel in your crown
You were headed for disaster
But you turned your life around and that's a feather in your cap

You were the one who could always be counted on to lie
You'd sell your only sister just to grab another line
Another one trick pony gettin' trickier all the time
Your life didn't have no weight the way you'd lay it on the line
You'd run until your problems got insurmountable
You even got your partners thinkin' you're so credible
But then you dropped down to the bottom, you finally had enough
When you're shoved down bottom there ain't no place else but up
And that's a feather in your cap
Feather in your cap


Now I believe there's a devil and the way he runs his show
Is to fasten to your passion then he'll never let you go
He got the power from down under, but it's power just the same
The only way to shake it is to call on Jesus' name
Coke, crack, cracker-jack, I want it understood
The brother wouldn't do it if it didn't feel so good
But if you read it in the bible ‘bout the awesome price you pay
You claim the Holy Spirit then just turn and walk away
Feather in your cap
Feather in your cap


You think you know it all
You want to take it higher but you're gonna take a fall
I ain't never been no sucker, I think I've seen it all
You're running out of time, hit me
Think about your mother, think about your life
You look like Alice Cooper but you act like Barney Fife
You were voted by your homies most likely to exceed
You pushed it to the limit now you wound up on your knees
Feather in your cap
Feather in your cap



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