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Tough Love by Idle Cure
Tough Love (1988)
Label: Frontline

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Frontline by Idle Cure

Bring it on we're ready
You know what to do
Fighting on the frontline

The time is getting shorter, the days are growing cold
The lies are getting stronger, who can make a difference
I think I know

Put yourself in motion, don't stand around
Look ahead, don't ever look down
It's never easy, harder to face
You're not alone we're all in the race

Ooo they're falling into the night
Ooo we can't turn away, no time to lose
We've got to show them the way

Bring it on we're ready
You know what to do
Fighting the frontline

We've got to stay together
Got to see through
Fighting the frontline

It's black or white, there's no gray
For every color, someone's gonna pay
Get tough, make that change
Time to get excited

You know the answer, so let it shine
On the cutting edge, on the frontline
God will help us to carry on
It won't be long




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