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Lofcaudio by Mastedon
Lofcaudio (1990)
Label: Pakaderm

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Holiest One by Mastedon

Just twenty centuries ago, a Man
That I know came to show us the Way.
Though many years have come and gone,
His words will live on till the end of our day.
Our Heavenly Father, You gave us
Your Son to die on the cross as a Lamb,
To bear all the sins of the world who
Denied Him to be the great I AM.
Hear what I say, Hear what I pray

You are the Holiest One, the Maker
And Giver of Life
And by the touch of Your hand,
You make all the rivers to run
Take the fire away from the sun.

And in our loneliest hour, we can
Call on His power to carry us through.
Although His kingdom is at hand
We must seek the promised land,
His will and His truth.
Father and Spirit of God, You're
The Truth, the Way and the Life.
Make all the sins of the ages
Forgotten so that no man can deny.
Hear what I say, Hear what I pray


You are the Holiest One,
Father, Spirit and Son
And when our days are all done,
You'll be the only One who
Can give us the light
Take the darkness away from the night.



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