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Lofcaudio by Mastedon
Lofcaudio (1990)
Label: Pakaderm

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It Is Done by Mastedon

In the midst of a stormy winter's night,
When you're out in the cold,
Who do you turn to, to make you feel warm.
When you've done everything that you
Can do and it's still not enough, who's
Gonna be there to save you from the fall.
Listen to His still small voice that calls
From inside
It will lead you to the Truth,
That only He can provide
Let the weight of the world be
Lifted by the Love He has shown
For it is finished, no longer will
Our lives be our own.

It is done, it was a Miracle of Love
It is done, given to us from above.
Cause life has no meaning if
We're living apart
He came to carry all the cares of
My heart it is done.

When the world has a way of
Making us feel lost and alone,
Who do you turn to, to make us feel strong.
And when the path that we have chosen
Seems to lead us astray
Who's gonna guide you back,
Back where we belong.
And don't try to win what has
Already been won, because
Your life had been redeemed
Before it ever begun.
Lay down your life, let the old man die
You can't do it on your own,
So don't even try.
It is done.

Chorus 2x



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