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Lofcaudio by Mastedon
Lofcaudio (1990)
Label: Pakaderm

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Life On The Line by Mastedon

Don't you need a little love and understanding,
Cause you know that life can get a little too demanding

When the hardest thing to do is turn and walk away,
When there's nothing that anyone can do or say,
Your life is not your own,
So when you're all alone

Tell Him when your heart is crying,
When on the inside you are dying.
Just call out the name of the One
Who holds you in His hands.
Time to give it all away and not
Hold on to yesterday.
It's time to lay your life
Life on the line.

Are you caught up in the day to day illusions,
Don't be fooled to think the world can offer you solutions.
Will you let Him take control,
When life has taken its toll.




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