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Man With A Mission by Allies
Man With A Mission (1992)
Label: Dayspring

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Man With A Mission by Allies

Like Marlon Brando with a Jimmy Cagney style
John Wayne kind of swagger with a Henry Fonda smile
He hang out on the corner, he hang out on the street
All the homies come around him when the brother starts to preach

He take the bible wherever he goes
He tell the truth like it's someone he knows
He put his heart into every word
He got a vision, or haven't you heard

Man with a mission- he's out on the street
Man with a mission- he's walkin' the beat
Man with a mission- the deacon of souls
Man with a mission
Man with a mission of love

He got to preach what he feel down in his soul
Got to follow Jesus or you never will be whole
Now if you're dancin' with the devil, boy you're gonna pay a price
You better listen to the preacher, take some free advice

He got an answer for every man
He gonna reach you however he can
He gonna preach ‘til he's blue in the face
He gonna hip you up whatever it takes, he's a


If he meets you on the corner he will greet you with a smile
He'll be preachin' in the neighborhood to pray you through in style
When he leads you up to Calvary you will find your heart's desire
He will slay you in the spirit with the Holy Ghost and tongues of fire




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