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twoseventeen by Pax217
twoseventeen (1999)
Label: Forefront

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No Place Like Home by Pax217

I wanna go home, been gone so long,
Remember the way it was with dad and mom.
Now it's gone, but somethin' gotta keep the family strong,
So we keep holdin' on, to each other, and our faith in God.
Is what keeps us sane, and carries us on,
So kids from now on ya better recognize,
That there's no place like home.

No place like home,
No place like home.

Some say that home, home is where the heart is,
Not just your heart but your brotha', and your sista',
Your mother your father, that's where it's at,
Fell in love said I do, I love you then came you.
Into the world that you once knew,
Now it broke in two, and ya dunno what to do,
Brought tears to your eyes that made you realize.
That there's no place like home.

(repeat chs.)

Yeah I grew up in a Christian house,
Listenin' to Psalty and Charity Church Mouse.
Never did I know, and never did I guess,
That 18 years later, our home would be a mess.
Don't get all the treason don't know all the reasons,
Why life takes turns, good and bad seasons.
Something's got our family ripped up hearts,
Whatever happened to death do us part.

(repeat chs.)

Mom n' dad come back around,
Breakin' me the family tree, gettin' shut down.



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