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Red Revolution by Shaded Red
Red Revolution (1999)
Label: Cadence

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Revolution by Shaded Red

This is a Revolution
It starts with you and me and ends at the back of the Church
This is a common solution for you and me
This is a Revolution
Let us change the world 'til all nations see
There is no confusion
For you and me

I will never say that I am sorry
I will never say that I am wrong
Because I know the one that truly frees me
No other love could be this strong
This is a Revolution

This is a Revolution
Heals the blind and sets the captives free
I know that loves the solution for you and me
This is our Revolution
Now is the time to loudly proclaim His name
This is our declaration, for you and me


United we're going to stand together
'Til every man woman child has heard
The love that's given for free so all may receive
In this Revolution



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