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twoseventeen by Pax217
twoseventeen (1999)
Label: Forefront

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Sandbox Praise by Pax217

Bring it back with that bass line
And let me bust another one of my question rhymes
What ever happened to play in the mud
Little kids buildin' castles all they understand
Thinkin' but not too much about the box where they sat
Was their world and all was in it was good
Playin' all day 'till the street light came on
And momma call you home for spaghetti and meat balls
Say a little prayer and a bath good night
Life so simple return to the next days
It was back to that sandbox praise

Sandbox praise

So dig your hands in the dirt
Children we play with that earth
On & on & on

The question again phrased a little different
Whatever happened to my beautiful innocence
I can't remember when but it faded away
Got lost along the shuffle 'bout the 7th grade
Never know why or when or where it went
But I'd sure like to find a little bit of innocence
Things always catchin' up with you and me 'till I die
Cuz you know what they say what you reap is what you sow
Yet responsibility I always seeo throw away my faith
Got to get back to the memories



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