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Miracle Mile by Guardian
Miracle Mile (1993)
Label: Pakaderm

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Shoeshine Johnny by Guardian

First Verse:
Shoeshine Johnny's just doin' time
settin' up shop at the five and dime.
Seen a whole lot of a few more to go.
Everyone says he's a humble man
tell ya about life like no one can.
With a wink and a smile he'd let ya know
All kinda people come from miles around
just to hear Johnny tell his stories.
Talk about the days gone by
Talkin' bout future glory
Round round round he goes
tell you how the good lord knows
He'd be shinin' most every day
Sit right down listen what he say

Some like to play with fire
but there's a love that's higher
And you know the Lord's been good to me for sure
Hard times can come and go
but one things for sure I know
When I die
the richest man I'll be

Second Verse:
Lookin' back I remember the times
laughin-and-a-jokin-and-a-feelin fine.
Ol' Johnny pick you up when you're feelin' low.
His words hang on in my memory
the dusty ol' book he read to me.
What gains a man to win the world
but lose his very soul.
Riches of the promised land
much better than silver and gold.
Oh how wise is he that makes the Lord his company.
Fearless of the days to come
knowin' that the battles won.

Listen son he said to me.
Jesus died to set us free.
You're old enough it's time to chose.
With the lord you'll never lose
beat them everlasting blues



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