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Tunnel Vision by Channel Surfers
Tunnel Vision (1997)
Label: Organic

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So Far Away by Channel Surfers

Stuck in a rut feels like the waters
That used to carry me now hold me under
This hole i've dug for myself
Has taken me so, so far from you

So far waya, lord, i feel so far away
Lord deliver me from the thickets
That i run through all of my days

Let me feel your hand - I'm up to my neck in the sand
Lord help this hurting man
Hear me - heal me - take away all of my anxiety
Take it all

Do be everything you have for me to be
Now i see the birds in the trees and
Take an opportunity
Breathe your air into my chest
Put myself up to the test
I won't fear a single thing
Pass ahead of all the rest
Hear me sing



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