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Allies by Allies
Allies (1985)
Label: Light

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Surrender by Allies

From the day you are born
There's a battle goin' on in your soul
Comes a time in your life
When you've got to give Somebody control
This is it - time is now
And the change should be like day and night
It's so hard to hold out
But it's easy when you give up the fight


All your life - He's wanted you, He's cared for you, I'm telling you
Now you know He loves you so surrender, surrender

You can't stop love like this
It keeps going even when it's denied
It's no use to resist
And I can't imagine why you would try
It's a fight you can't win
'Cause the power of His love is so strong
Let it loose - just give in
And you'll finally find the place you belong

If you think what you'll gain
You will see that you've got nothing to lose
If you count all the cost
It will never match what He'll do for you
When you give all your life
That's when He will give your life back to you
If it means peace of mind
Then surrender is best thing to do



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