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Michael Sweet by Michael Sweet
Michael Sweet (1994)
Label: Benson

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Take Me Home by Michael Sweet

Here I am standin', standin' in a foreign land
On my own and all alone, I lost my one connection
I had it all before, but then I had to roll the dice
When my numbers, numbers fell, I paid the price of desolation

Take me home, take me home
I need Your love I need Your touch again
Only You can break my heart of stone
I want You to come and take me*
Take me home

I've climbed the highest mountains,
I've spent my life in valleys, too
In this maze that we call life,
There is a strength that gets me through
My walls may crumble and they may fall,
But there's one thing I know for sure
Jesus died to give me all and when I'm sick
He is the cure




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