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Battle Cries by The Brave
Battle Cries (1992)
Label: Pakaderm

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Tears of a Broken Heart by The Brave

I'm not trying to be the difficult kind
but I know what it is that I'm trying to find
I've been looking so long trying hard not to lose my way
Now, I know what is wrong and I know what is right
I'm doing my best not to give up the fight
Gonna stay on track and never look back
....and take it day by day

But when you're running in the night
and you're looking for the light of reason
And you're searching for your soul
But the devil's taking hold and deceiving
Don't give in - Don't give in

When it all falls apart cry the tears of
A broken heart - I know if you take the chance
Through all the tears of a broken heart
...He'll take you in His arms again

When I was young I thought as a child
I lived my life throught the pain of denial
I thought I could control that runaway train
Now I'm older I ask myself why I never
Took the time to open my eyes
Let me tell you right now I don't like what I see
Rescue Me

'Cuase I'm feeling all alone
And my life is on the road to collision
Now its time to head the call
And my back against the wall of decision
Take me in - Jesus take me in


Turn from your wicked ways
You're playing with fire
Break away the chains that bind you
He will change your heart's desire




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