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Miracle Mile by Guardian
Miracle Mile (1993)
Label: Pakaderm

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The Captain by Guardian

He was a captain,
Flew a silver sail
Playing a wind song like a part of the sea.
He followed the sunshine,
charted the stars
Like a part of the ocean...a part of the sea

And what he did not fear was the journey,
or the treasures left behind.
And he did not run from the answer
what he did not hear were the lies

He told a story
Sailed through storms
Painted a picture, lived in the scenes
Some say he was crazy
living in a dream
but he sailed with a reason out on a crystal sea.

And what he did not fear didn't hurt him
What he did not seek didn't find
And he would not run from the answers
what he did not hear were the lies

Sail on captain sail on
Let your guiding light lead you cross the ocean

And though his eyes were old
he saw much more than many men could see.
Now even though he's gone
his legacy lives on
a simple faith that takes me across the sea,
and home again.

As the stormy sea keeps raging on
sometimes I miss my home.
Take me home.
I can feel it when the wind blows
and I hear you call my name
Take me home
I've been away too long
Take me home
let your spirit lead me on.
And until that day
I'll try and live just like the captain.



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