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Buzz by Guardian
Buzz (1995)
Label: Myrrh

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This Old Man by Guardian

Gimme, gimme, gimme
Remember me? 'member me?
This old man he plays on one
He was your cool whip master
You were his B.C. son
This old man
He's got the smell of sin
He's go the nature of sin
He was your actual, factual
Old sin nature
Mother praying
"Jesus save the boy,
save him from the old man"
'got away, glory, glory

Up from the water out of the grave
Wearing a new man's clothes
The old man's dragging
The lake again lately
What does he want?
Mamma you don't suppose...
This old man he don't mind the gap
He's like a subway rat
He's crawling out of your past
Out of the dark
Little land shark
Little predator scavenger
Serving up a sucker punch
Flyweight gonna eat your lunch
This old man he's flicking on the brights
He's wanting squatter's rights
He's gotta have his space in your face
Get you reminiscing for the very years you wasted
Every bitter fruit you tasted
Gonna snare in a stare-down
Better to choke than breathe
In your curse
This old man this old man
Better to crawl than to ride in your hearse
This old man
He plays seek and destroy
He comes robbing my joy
He's here spreading the rot
Old man don't you get it?
What I've got's as good as gold
Good as gold
Better than gold



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