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Tunnel Vision by Channel Surfers
Tunnel Vision (1997)
Label: Organic

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Without You by Channel Surfers

Can't take the pressure of this strange place
It's not where i should be - anyway paranoid
At every face that catches my eye
God - I guess I'll have to try - guess I'll
Have to learn the hard way
Maybe next time
Without you i am nothing at all
Without you i have no where to go

Place me in a circle of friends
So i can live again - Lord
Everybody's gettin' live
Take the nonsense - i'm sick of this
Wrestling match. It's like "hacksaw" Jim Dougan
Sometimes i feel like saying "Hooo! Yo! Adrianne
I'm comin' round the corner for you!"
How romantic - Here's my perspective
Nothing at all - No where to go
This terrible taste in mouth takes me
To the brink of insanity my weakness now made
Strong by the vocalization of this song
"God is right and I was wrong"
Lock myself in a room until my head comes clean
Is it possible to remember last night's dream
That made my insides scream?
God - You are so clean and pure - No darkness at all
Keep holding my hand - I'm learning to walk
And I don't wanna fall
God is right and i was wrong
Here's my perspective from the
Other side of the fence:
You're not free even though you
Thought you would be
God is right and I was wrong



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